What are the biggest sports trophies in the world?

What's the best way to celebrate a big win? With a massive trophy of course!

Read below to find out everything you need to know about ten of the largest sports trophies in the world.

We've ranked them in Size order...




10. Stanley Cup

Competition - (NHL) Winner

Size - 89.5 cm

Weight - 15.5 kg

Material - Silver

Commissioned in 1892 and first awarded in 1893, The Stanley Cup is the oldest existing professional sports franchise trophy in North America.

It's awarded to the winning team of the National Hockey League playoffs each year. They get to keep the cup for a select number of days throughout the year until the next tournament. 

The original Stanley Cup was just the cup you can see at the top. With teams engraving their names in it each year though, it soon got too full and had to be extended. 

The base is comprised of five bands. Thirteen winning teams can be engraved on each band, and when it's full, the oldest band is replaced with a new one. 

The old band is preserved in the hockey hall of fame. This is to prevent the cup from growing any larger than it already is. 


9. Dallah Trophy (Coffee Pot)

Competition - Dubai Desert Classic 
Size - 108cm
Weight - 15kg
Material - Silver

The Dallah Trophy is awarded to the winner of the Omega Dubai Desert Classic golf competition that takes place every year at the Emirates Golf Club.

Only world-class golfers can compete in the tournament and the stunning trophy is made in the shape of a Dallah, which means coffee pot in Arabic.

The towering silver trophy has a wooden base upon which players names are engraved. 

8. Emperor's Cup

Competition - Japanese SUMO tournament
Size - 108cm
Weight - 30kg
Material - Sterling Silver

The Emperor's Cup is presented to the winner of the top division Japanese sumo championship by the chairman of the Sumo Association. 

The winner also receives prize money and a shower of gifts from sponsors and fans. In fact, the winner of the tournament gets pretty much all the prizes. 

The trophy was originally gifted to the sumo championship in 1925 by Hirohito, the prince regent of japan. 

It was called The Prince Regent's Cup until Hirohito became the emperor, and it was renamed “The Emperor's Cup” accordingly.


7. America's Cup

Competition - America's Cup Sailing Races
Size - 69cm tall. 110cm with silver base
Weight -15kg
Material - Silver

First awarded in 1851 by the Royal Yacht Squadron, The America's Cup is the oldest trophy in international sport. 

The America's Cup is a sailing competition that first took place in 1851 in the form of a race around the isle of man. 

The original winning team donated the trophy to the New York Yacht Club (NYYC), who managed to defend the trophy for 24 consecutive races between 1857 and 1983. 

That is until they were finally defeated by the Royal Perth Yacht Club from Australia.

Any yacht club can challenge the current trophy holder for the cup, as long as they meet the very strict and specific requirements. 

It's often an incredibly expensive venture too, with challengers spending hundreds of millions of pounds just to compete. 

6. Grey cup

Competition - Canadian Football League
Size - 33cm tall. 117cm with base
Weight - 4.5kg

Material - Sterling silver chalice with aluminium silver-plated base

The Grey Cup is awarded to the winners of the Canadian Football League (CFL). 

Introduced in 1909, the annual event is one of the most-watched sporting events in Canada. 

The trophy was commissioned in 1909 by Canada's governor-general at the time, the Earl Grey. It's a silver chalice with a huge base which is engraved with all the names of the winning teams, players and executives.

The trophy has had a pretty tough time over the years too! It's been broken on several occasions, stolen twice, and held for ransom. It also survived a fire in1947 when the building it was in burned down. 



5. Costa Del Sol Trophy

Competition - pre-season tournament held by Malaga CF in Spain 
Size - 120cm
Weight - Unknown
Material - Silver & Enamel

The Trofeo Costa Del Sol is a friendly football competition held in Malaga. The winning team is presented with this ridiculously huge trophy that needs two people just to carry it! 


4. The Presidents Cup

Competition - Summer Grand Sumo Tournament, Japan
Size - 137cm
Weight - 30kg
Material - Silver

The president's cup is a new sumo wrestling trophy. The huge award is presented to the winner of the Summer Grand Sumo Tournament, which is held in May of each year. 

First presented by Donald trump in 2019 in a true American style, the eagle topped trophy is bigger than any of the other trophies in Japanese Sumo wrestling. 

You can see the video of him presenting the trophy above.


3. Borg-Warner Trophy

Competition - Indianapolis 500 Indycar race
Size - 163cm
Weight - 69kg
Material - Sterling Silver

First unveiled in 1936, The Borg-Warner trophy was commissioned by the automotive supplier BorgWarner to present to the winner of the Indianapolis 500. 

The Indianapolis-500 is a 500-mile car race that takes place every year. The original trophy is over 5 feet tall and is kept permanently at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum. 

Winners of the race don't get to keep the trophy, they are instead given a smaller replica to keep. Although, unlike any other trophy, a sculpture of the winners head is engraved into the base along with their name, year of victory and average speed. 

Like the Stanley cup, the base has had to be extended over the years to add more winners. The current design will fit more winners until 2033. After that point, it might get even bigger!


2. Kolanka Cup

Competition - The Kolanka Cup
 Size - 182cm
Weight - Unknown
Material - Silver

The Kolanka Cup Trophy is largely undocumented, but it's one of the biggest trophies ever awarded in sports. 

All we know is that it stands over 6 feet tall and is awarded to the winner of the Kolanca Cup, which is a polo competition. 

The Kolanka Cup trophy was awarded between 1920 and early 1930s in India between the world wars. The last competition took place in 1998, and the trophy is now stored somewhere (location unknown).






1. 1,560-Pound Black Marlin

Competition - Prize fishing
Size - 445 cm
Weight- 708kg
Material - Fish

In fishing, a good catch can be considered a trophy. Especially when you catch one as big as this!

In 1953, Alfred C. Glassel, Jr caught this monstrous Black Marin 8 miles off shore in Cabo Blanco, Peru. 

What may be even more incredible, is that he caught it with a rod and reel! 

Now, more than 65 years later, it's still the largest fish caught by rod and reel on record. 

Today, you can find it hanging above the executive conference room of the National Museum of Natural History.


What's the biggest trophy you've ever won?

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