What is The FIFA Club World Cup and Which Teams are Involved?

The FIFA Club World Cup

What is The FIFA Club World Cup and Which Teams are Involved?

What is The FIFA Club World Cup?

 The FIFA Club World Cup is an international football competition organised by the Fédération Internationale de Football Association. Seven teams play head to head over a two week period, aiming to win the title and the prestigious football trophy.

 Founded 19 years ago in the year 2000, the competition originally known as the FIFA Club World Championship first took place in Brazil. It was a popular event, but due to a number of factors, namely the collapse of International Sport and Leisure (FIFA’s marketing partner), the competition was cancelled between 2001 and 2004.

 In 2005 the competition was revived, and it’s taken place every year since, hosted by Brazil, Japan, Morocco and the United Arab Emirates.


Which Teams Compete in the FIFA Club World Cup?

Seven international teams qualify for the FIFA Club World Cup each year by winning their own respective continental competition.

 The continental competitions include:

  • The AFC Champions League (Asia)
  • The CAF Champions League (Africa)
  • The CONCACAF Champions League (North America) 
  • The Copa Libertadores (South America)
  • The OFC Champions League (Oceania)
  • The UEFA Champions League (Europe)
  • The host nation's national champions (decided through a straight knockout tournament)



Which Football Teams Have Won the Competition?

Below is a list of all the winners of the FIFA Club World Cup trophy in order of most wins to least...

Which Countries Have Hosted The FIFA Club World Cup?

Below are all the countries that have hosted the competition. Interestingly, Japan has hosted the football competition five times, but none of their teams has ever won. Better luck next time Japan!

Structure of the Competition


As mentioned earlier, to qualify for the FIFA Club World Cup, most teams have to win their respective continental competition. There is an exception, however, for the host nation. Their national teams play a straight knockout tournament to decide which team will represent them in the main event.


There are currently 4 stages in the competition: The play-off round, the quarter-final round, the semi-final round and the final.

Stage 1

The national league champions play against the OFC Champions League winners.

Stage 2

The winner of stage one progresses to the quarterfinals, joining the AFC Champions League winners and the CONCACAF Champions League winners.

Stage 3

The winners of the quarterfinals games advance to the semifinals where they play the UEFA Champions League winners and the Copa Libertadores winners.

Stage 4

The winning teams from the semifinal games progress onto the grand finale where they play each other for the title and the impressive football trophy.


What Awards are up for Grabs in The FIFA Club World Cup?

The best teams and players in the FIFA Club World Cub have the chance to win an illustrious selection of trophies, medals and awards.



The FIFA Club World Cup Trophy

What is the FIFA Club World Cup Trophy?

The current trophy was unveiled in Tokyo on July 30th 2005. According to FIFA, the design of the trophy represents the participating teams, the competitive energy amongst them and the athletic qualities necessary to compete in the event.

Trophy Specifications

Weighing 5.2kg, the gold and silver trophy stands 50cm tall, has a base width of 20cm and stands upon a golden pedestal which is printed with the words "FIFA Club World Cup”. The gold plated trophy is made from a combination of aluminium, brass, copper, chrome, gliding metal, rhodium and sterling silver.  


The Golden Ball

What is the Golden Ball Award?

Of all the football trophies and awards in the FIFA Club World Cup, the golden ball is one of the most prestigious that a player can receive. The trophy is presented to the best player at each FIFA Club World Cup competition. A shortlist of worthy players is selected by the FIFA technical committee and the winner is voted for by media representatives. The runners up are presented with a silver ball and bronze ball award, respectively.

Which players have won the golden ball awards?

With two golden balls under his belt, Lionel Messi is the only player to ever receive more than one of the awards. Christiano Ronaldo has won the most awards, one golden ball and three silver balls. Moreover, Brazil has won a total of four, making them the nation with the most golden ball awards. The below table lists all of the previous golden ball winners...


Other Prizes

The Golden Boot

The Golden Boot is awarded to the top goalscorer of the competition. Similar to the golden ball, the second and third best goalscorers are awarded a silver boot and bronze boot, respectively.

The FIFA Fair Play Trophy

The fair play trophy is a match award given to the team who the FIFA fair play committee decide has the best record of fair play according to their criteria.  

The MVP of the Final Match Trophy

The MVP (Most Valuable Player) trophy is a man of the match trophy awarded to the best player in the final game of the competition. The MVP is also given an automobile by Toyota, who are the presenting sponsors of the competition.

FIFA Club World Championship Badge

As well as the trophy, the winning team also receive the FIFA Club World Championship Badge. The badge features an image of the trophy, and the winning team are allowed to wear the badge on their kit until the final of the next championship.


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